The CRisk Vision

Current Market Drivers

Volatile markets and stressed supply chains negatively impact earnings potential. Maintaining healthy cash flows demands intraday credit exposure analysis, real-time exposure reporting and a holistic view of liquidity across the business.

Save time and costs

ETRM/CTRM platforms are in place to capture trades, aggregate positions and report profit and loss but, tend to cover only basic credit risk analysis. Often, companies use spreadsheets in isolation or as ‘add-ons’ to their ETRM/CTRM platforms.

Credit risk processes are time consuming. Several hours can be spent daily collating data from several sources for a holistic view of credit risk across the business and all traded products. Deploying a dedicated software solution for credit risk processes can save trading entities considerable costs over time.

Sophistication with simplicity

Brady CRisk is a modern credit risk management and liquidity forecasting solution for energy and commodities trading markets.

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