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A faster and more accurate way to manage merchant credit exposure

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Brady introduces an efficient way for you to closely manage credit risk across your entire merchant portfolio. Take advantage of automation and smart integration to replace lengthy manual processes and reliance on risk prone spread sheets. Brady’s credit risk solution gives you an accurate picture of credit risk for every single merchant, instantly providing your teams with critical data faster.

The new era of credit risk

Events change quickly, often introducing new risks directly impacting your merchants. Spreadsheets are no longer fit for purpose in today’s climate.

  • View the changing financial picture of all your merchants
  • Clearly see your trading activity in near real-time
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A picture speaks a thousand words

Configure intuitive dashboards and instantly see critical credit data across your entire organisation. Brady credit risk integrates with any systems to consolidate and report on your entire risk data. Accurately view your exposure to support intelligent action.

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Knowledge is power

Brady’s configurable solution supports your bespoke risk appetite. Have the power to define and configure alerts so you can immediately know:

  • When trading limits are being reached or breached
  • When risk in a particular market, region or product increases or decreases
  • When a merchants’ credit score is downgraded

Interpret market sentiment by capturing data from multiple digital sources, including social media, news pages and analyst blog sites. Brady’s credit risk solution will help you to mitigate risk faster in today’s rapidly changing markets.

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