Energy Data Manager (EDM)

The pioneering platform for Nordic electricity markets

If you own a large generation asset portfolio, trade and schedule power across Nordics, EDM transforms the way you operate.

The ultimate end-to-end solution for Nordic power trading operations

The Nordic electricity trading markets are transitioning rapidly to harmonise with continental Europe. Closely aligned with Nordic Balancing model market changes, Brady EDM helps you to maximise efficiency and cost control across your power trading operations.

The solution covers a broad range of processes including trading, scheduling, back office settlements, as well as time series data management for trading, production and metering data.

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Energy data manager (EDM)

What is EDM?

Born from research conducted by world-renowned Institute of Energy Technology in Norway and supported by a strong Nordic customer base, EDM has evolved to be a market leading power trading platform for the region today. 

Closely aligned with market changes within the Nordic Balancing Model, Nordic energy trading participants can access a wide breadth of capabilities from scheduling, trading, production planning, back office and settlements all in one solution.

Business benefits

Nordic Balancing Model

Adhere to 15-minute imbalance settlement periods

TSO communications compliance

Automate scheduling processes to meet deadlines set by the Transmission System Operators Svenska Kraftnät, Energinet, Fingrid and Statnett to avoid incurring penalty fees

Streamline bids on day-ahead, intraday and reserve markets including FCR, aFRR and mFRR

Achieve straight-through processing of trades on Nord Pool, Elspot and Elbas

More informed and timely decision support (time series data analysis)

Run advanced time series calculations on large volumes of complex data to identify trends and irregularities quickly

Covers time series data management for trading, production and metering data

Power production efficiency gains

Plan power production schedules quickly with real-time feeds of the latest weather forecasting data from external sources

Model power purchase agreements to evaluate the impact of different pricing options on the generation assets’ output

Reduce operational risk with real-time views of key metrics such as imbalance costs, P&L, actual production and consumption values.

Customer billing and back office efficiency gains

Process, manage and distribute large volumes of meter data efficiently for more accurate customer billing.
Secure payments quicker with automated invoicing and settlement processes (including tailored electronic invoicing standards such EHF

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 Energy data manager (edm)

Trading platform with Nordic heritage

Power Trading Nordics

How we started

EDM’s history is unique. It’s domain experts helped shape the market design of the first power trading exchange in Europe, which evolved over the years to become Nord Pool.

A local team

The historic town of Halden continues to be the heart of EDM. The team who develop and support the platform serve customers across the Nordics from this base. 

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