Front-to-back CTRM solution for multi-entity
trading P&L management across a complex supply chain

Fintrade enables strong P&L management and cost control for physically traded commodities.
It specialises in inventory and logistics management for deliveries via land, sea and air.
Fintrade supports both exchange and OTC traded base metals, ags and softs.

Key business benefits


  • Know what stage any trade is at from creation to completion
  • Determine which trades are likely to be the most profitable as prices change
  • Get an immediate visibility of costs that affect trading P&L
  • More accurately value multi-content products (concentrates/scrap/alloy trading)
  • Focus on closing deals, eliminate time
    wasted on manual data work-arounds

Mid office

  • Explain P&L fluctuations across multiple legal entities or trading books
  • Visualise market and credit risks centrally and apply limits accordingly
  • Incorporate internal and external market data into calculations efficiently

Back office

Minimise payment delays, achieve accuracy in
figures and quicker sign-offs by:

  • Automated provisional and final invoicing flows
  • Determining which trades are likely to be the most profitable as prices change
  • Ease of interfacing to GL, ERP and other financial systems
  • Centrally managed agreements including purchase, sales, storage and hedging


  • Avoid settlement delays, know the status of a shipment –
    anywhere at anytime
  • Know the current shipping P&L for each contract – anytime
  • Gain a holistic view of costs to assess where money can be saved
  • Remove administrative burdens by inspection reports,
    excise duties and taxes by centrally managed easily accessible from one central space

Inventory management

  • Ensure inventory committed in the contract is no longer made available for other sales
  • Minimise delays for international deliveries between suppliers, depots, silos and customers with centralised documentation for tracking, delivery and collection
  • Decide the optimal location to transport inventory from with a centralised display of statuses and balances across multiple storage facilities

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