The Igloo Vision

Current Market Drivers

The Green Energy Transition is driving unprecedented price volatility across Europe. There is now  a trend to shorter term, high-volume trading to balance supply and demand, as well as speculation. Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for accessing intermediation services to participate in physical energy markets.

Energy trading desks are evolving

The emergence of new flexible generation asset types means that energy trading desks need to analyse and manage far higher volumes and sources of data than 10 years ago, particularly those active in intraday markets.

Demand projections, pricing indices, market bid/offer data, generation asset production outputs, traded positions, and hedges are examples of typical inputs.

As as result, ETRM systems are being tested for performance to process large volumes of diverse data inputs with demands for calculations to be refreshed several times a day.

Sophistication with simplicity

Brady Igloo is one of the most modern ETRM platforms available providing
a user experience designed for the front office trader.

“As one of the largest hedge funds specialising in European energy markets, we were looking for an ETRM system offering complete end-to-end capabilities including trade execution, order management and middle and back office functionality. Thanks to Igloo, not only do we trade more profitably and manage our risk more efficiently, but we have reduced our operational costs by 75%.”

Jeremy Urquhart
COO – Nanook Energy Advisors LLP

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