7th March 2018: Brady Employee Recognised!!!

In the energy and commodity trading risk management world there are few who do not know the duo that are Dr. Gary Vasey and Patrick Reames of ComTech advisory.

If you are in the market for said solutions and need to have a couple of experts to give you some good advice, then ComTech is the place to go.

So when you are being judged by one of these experts then you know you’ve made an impression.

And so when we saw this article on CTRM Center adding our very own Harry Knott to this illustrious list of exceptional Thought Leaders we were absolutely delighted.

These recognised industry thought leaders serve as a standing panel of experts and are asked to provide periodic input and answers to questions posed by ComTech around business and technology issues facing the industry.

Additionally, the selected Thought Leaders will be representative of the industry as a whole, including end-users, software vendors and service providers.

7th March 2018: Brady Employee Recognised!!!