Cross-asset class trading platforms: dream or reality?

Cross-asset class trading platforms: dream or reality?

As traders diversify to realise greater opportunities for arbitrage and move into new markets, the demand for cross-asset class trading capabilities has never been greater. Firstly, looking at what solutions are out there, Roger Aitken of FOW (Global Investor Group), talks to market participants. Then, part of this interview is with Brady CEO, Gavin Lavelle. Finally, it covers his views and solutions and how traders are increasingly looking for platforms that can trade equities, derivatives, FX, and commodities. Also, it details how the search for low and ultra-low latency is defining the evolution of the market.

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Brady solutions for financial trading

Brady is the largest independent provider of trading, risk, and logistics management software to global commodities, and energy markets. We already have 30 years of expertise in these markets. Each year, businesses around the world also depend on Brady systems to transact billions of dollars worth of trades.

In conclusion, we help companies to grow net margins. It allows them to identify favorable trading opportunities quickly, manage market and credit risks, and optimize physical operations.

Our software solutions administer financial trading activities from standard contracts to complex derivative instruments. Nevertheless, they also manage the processes involved in the physical delivery of commodities. Moreover, they help reducing operational risk by introducing automated workflow across key trading lifecycle processes, enabling more effective cost control and regulatory compliance.

To conclude, discover Brady’s financial solutions for the commodities sector here. For more information on how we can help you with your trading platform and cross-asset trading, please get in touch with a member of the Brady team today. Alternatively, you can also read more about our solutions on the below specific detailed fact sheets for metals and soft and ags trading.

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Cross-asset class trading platforms: dream or reality?