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July ’21: Reflections: 15 months on

It is hard to believe that it now has been 15 months since the UK was put in its first lockdown. Indeed, in our September 2020 blog post we had discussed our ‘return to office’ survey and the steps we had taken for Brady employees to do so safely if they wished to return. Just twenty-two days following that post, a return to working from home order was again given by the UK government!

As we anticipate the possibility of the remaining government restrictions being lifted on 19th July, it is worth reflecting on what has been achieved here at Brady since that initial lockdown.

Firstly, we must give a big shout out to our exceptional IT team. Not only did they have to suddenly adapt to the world of remote working themselves but also proactively support all Brady employees and our business needs. One big change for them has been adjusting to remote onboarding of new employees. We can definitely now say that they have it down to a fine art, having onboarded over 80 new Brady joiners since the beginning of the first UK lockdown. Well done, IT!

Other areas of the business that needed to adapt quickly were our services and marketing teams. Traditionally, our services team would manage our customer implementations onsite. They have done an exceptional job at maintaining close contact with our customers during this time, despite the physical distance, and continue to deliver on our contractual commitments. Marketing has also been very active during this time, finding innovative ways to engage with our customers and the market, including many web conferences and events that would have previously been done face-to-face.

On a final note, we have also been very excited at the arrival of two Brady bubs during the last 15 months! It does go to show that life goes on and that we have many things to look forward to in the future.

Well done to the whole Brady team who, despite the challenges thrown at us during the pandemic, continue to come together (remotely, of course!) and truly exemplify our values of Inspire, Be Close, Believe & Deliver.

July ’21: Reflections: 15 months on

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