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For traders, growers and consumers of grains, cocoa, coffee, soya beans and more

Brady’s CTRM software solutions for ags and softs support the physical commodities trading process. They help to automate processes, drive greater collaboration across business and increase transparency, empowering you to trade more profitably and reduce costs.

Reduce costs and improve margins across the physical ags trading life cycle

There are many cost pressures in physical ags trading from pricing silo constituents to inventory management to orchestrating stock movements world-wide. Complete visibility of inventory and costs related to purchase, sale or movement of stock is needed at any point. Transformation from bulk to packaged products and breaking down shipments during movement is complex. Shipping and logistics paperwork is cumbersome. Not being able to keep on top of customs / excise duties and other fees can lead to delays and further costs. You can incur losses for not meeting contractual delivery obligations.

Brady’s ags CTRM software supports rigorous primary and secondary cost management across the entire trade execution process. You can more accurately prepare budgets, value stock, actualise costs, allocate inventory profitably and identify arbitrage opportunities. You can select the best rate for transport, easily schedule shipments and reduce administrative time with documentation management workflow. Ease of integration with ERP systems facilitates a more efficient financial reporting process.

Make confident hedging decisions to address commodity price volatility

Ongoing price volatility has consequences to daily profit and loss for any business producing, trading or consuming agricultural products. Competitive pricing requires the inclusion of multiple indices, quality parameters and deal types into calculations.

Brady’s ags CTRM software supports multi-currency hedging, tracking of up-to-date mark-to-market and trading P&L for intelligent decision-support.

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and Soft Commodities Trading


Address the complexities of grading

Specific quality attributes such as purity or moisture content impact agricultural commodity pricing during transportation. Such attributes are changeable through time and must be factored into calculations accordingly.

Brady’s ags CTRM solution enables pricing calculations and settlements based on quality attributes resulting in more accurate valuation and P&L.

Manage market and credit risks diligently to protect profits

Continually changing market and counterparty conditions impacts ags trading strategies. Measuring and reporting on multiple risk factors, as and when they happen is challenging. You need to understand the impact of shifts in prices, interest rates, FX and more on P&L and be notified of adverse credit situations promptly.

Brady’s ags CTRM solution helps to meet the demands for rigorous analysis of risk and market exposures. You can mitigate credit risk through counterparty exposure management, collateral management and real-time alerting of critical data.

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