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User experience is at the heart of our products’ design. Whether you are setting up new trading desks or modernising existing desks, we offer a unique suite of agile, intuitive and real-time tools for high performance energy trading and risk management.

A SaaS ETRM solution offering a state-of-the-art user experience and unrivalled connectivity to all the major European markets. With real-time position and P&L management, coupled with the powerful ability to handle 10,000+ trades a day, traders, risk management and back-office teams can operate with greater efficiency in volatile in power, gas, LNG, oil and FX markets. Igloo is fully integrated with Equias and ICE for confirmations and regulatory reporting. 

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An award-winning SaaS solution designed by ex-traders for intraday and day-ahead power trading. The solution empowers traders to grow revenue by seizing opportunities faster and monetising generation assets. Acting as a sophisticated trader’s ‘cockpit’ the platform offers intelligent visualisation of live P&L and market activity from one central place. Offers the ideal launchpad for advanced algorithmic energy trading strategies with patented algobots currently in development. 

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Enables traded power to be delivered through all the major TSOs across Europe in a single solution. Helps power schedulers and trading operations teams to perform scheduling/nomination functions close to real-time, saving several hours a day of manual work, helping to meet TSO deadlines to avoid incurring penalty fees. Works in conjunction with any ETRM solution including Brady Igloo.

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A marketing leading Nordic power trading operations platform with strong alignment with the Nordic Balancing Model. Supports Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish TSO scheduling communications, high volume times-series data management and analysis, plus industrial meter data management. 

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A cloud solution for counterparty risk management and liquidity forecasting,  empowering energy and commodity trading entities to retain profits and mitigate risk. CRisk empowers management with deep insight into current and future risk metrics. With a highly intuitive user experience, risk, finance, trading and back-office teams can address key credit processes such as pre-deal checking, counterparty exposure, limit management, margining, credit workflows and PFE in real-time.

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We believe high return trading with resilient risk management can be achieved with greater clarity, accuracy and speed - at lower cost.

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