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User experience is at the heart of our products’ design. Whether you are setting up new trading desks or modernising existing desks, we offer a unique suite of SaaS, Cloud and on-premise real-time tools for high performance multi-commodity trading, market operations and risk management.

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If you are an asset light energy trader choose our pre-configured, rapid to deploy SaaS energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solution with unrivalled connectivity to exchanges.

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If you are an asset heavy energy trader with complex valuation and risk modelling requirements, choose our enterprise-wide energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solution.

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Decarbonisation and decentralisation are driving greater relevance to trading products in the short-term (prompt) market.

Brady’s award-winning SaaS trading dashboard empowers traders to generate revenue faster in intraday and day-ahead power markets.

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Adhering to country specific TSO communications protocol when delivering traded power across Europe is highly time consuming for scheduling teams to perform manually. Non-compliance risks incurring penalty fees and missing opportunities. Brady’s power scheduling solution enables traded power to be delivered through all the major TSOs across Europe with ease.

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The Nordic electricity trading markets are transitioning rapidly to harmonise with continental Europe. Closely aligned with Nordic Balancing Model market changes, Brady’s solution helps to maximise efficiency and cost control across end-to-end regional power trading operations.

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In volatile markets, it is vital to assess the impact of significant market events quickly and ensure cash covers trading exposures that are out of the money. Brady’s solution for counterparty risk management and liquidity forecasting empowers commodity trading businesses to transform the way margining obligations are managed to protect profits.

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State power grid operations are complex. Brady’s central dispatch solution for the power production market streamlines the whole instruction and declaration workflow across the physical power generation process required to facilitate uninterrupted operation of the grid.

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