Corporate Social Responsibility

Building a Better Future: Our Commitment to Responsible Business Practices​

Supporting Communities and Charitable Causes

At Brady Technologies, we are dedicated to conducting business ethically while also making a positive difference in society. Every year, we choose a charity to support, focusing our efforts on raising funds and awareness through employee-led initiatives and events.

If you represent a charity and would like to be considered as our charity of the year, please contact

Environmental Stewardship

Prioritising Sustainability and Employee Wellbeing

Sustainable processes

Brady Technologies actively promotes environmental awareness among employees and implements sustainable practices to reduce our environmental impact. We utilise collaborative technologies to minimise the need for business travel.


Brady Technologies is committed to minimising paper consumption by implementing paperless office strategies and ensuring all used paper is properly recycled.


Brady Technologies complies with relevant legislation governing our operations and continually optimises energy efficiency across our global offices.

Employee Health

We are proud to offer a Cycle to Work Scheme for our UK employees, encouraging healthier lifestyles and reducing the environmental impact of daily commutes.