Cloud Services

Get online quicker and lower your total cost of ownership

We offer the option to deploy your Brady solution from a dedicated cloud environment so you can get your operations on-line quickly and realise benefits faster. With little or no involvement from your IT resources, you can free up in house IT functions to focus on other critical projects.

Robust and dependable system performance

We help to ensure reliable and consistent performance by continually monitoring for potential faults and threats so that issues can be dealt with quickly.  

Key features

Security – we offer comprehensive multi layered security, which conforms to standards such as ISO27001, helping to ensure your data and assets are protected 24/7.

High Availability – backed by a full Cloud Service SLA, you benefit from a high availability service, wherever you are based.
Compliance – our data centres are SAS70 and ISO27001 compliant offering the highest level of auditability and security.

Accessibility – you can be up and running with a new system much quicker than with on-premise systems. It is easy to add new users and even new systems when required.
Resilience and Disaster Recovery – we offer redundancy and disaster recovery options, to help ensure operational performance in the event of failure.

Scalability and Flexibility – you can easily scale up functionality as your business grows. For instance, to support additional asset classes or increased volumes, expand throughput / performance requirements and add new users.

Integration – Brady Cloud Services can easily connect with your other on-premise solutions for a hybrid enterprise environment.

Migration Service – we provide a structured migration service for swift transition of your existing systems and data.

Reduced IT Costs – significantly lower your overhead by optimising your hardware footprint.

Support – our team is there to help you meet operational performance goals.

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