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What is PowerDesk?

PowerDesk is a SaaS solution designed to help you take advantage of new trading opportunities arising from the green energy transition. It provides intelligent visualisation of your positions and market activity from one dashboard, enabling quicker time to market in volatile short-term power markets.

What can PowerDesk do for you?

The challenge

Your business looks nothing like it used to 20 years ago, apart from a legacy ETRM system. 

You may have lost a significant amount of your market share in terms of assets and customer numbers, but continue to hold a significant proportion of the energy infrastructure.

With renewables generation taking up a growing proportion of your portfolio, you are looking to transform your existing energy trading desk into a short-term powerhouse.

How PowerDesk helps

PowerDesk will help you take on market risk and create value. It will help you leverage your trading skills with algos and help upstream and downstream portfolios operate in this newly de-carbonised market.

Utilities like yourselves still have some of the best domain knowledge out there – set free your traders and let them trade.

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The challenge

As an independent asset operator, you now own a much higher proportion of electricity generation, yet you may still rely on one of the incumbent energy companies to trade the output of your assets, typically through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

How PowerDesk helps

Instead of outsourcing trading activities, retain profits and invest in your portfolio.

The barrier to entering the trading market is much lower. With SaaS solutions like PowerDesk you can spin up a trading desk in weeks not years and don’t have to invest in on-premise, CAPEX intense solutions.

You don’t need a larger on-premise ETRM (full-scale trading system) anymore for this type of activity. You can subscribe to something much more cost-effective with Brady PowerDesk.

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The challenge

With volatility at its highest for over a decade, you are ready to invest in the tools your traders need to compete and profit in short-term power markets.

As a consequence de-carbonisation and de-centralisation, the traditional vertically integrated energy organisation, with the majority of output in large-scale power plants at its control, is disappearing. Trading dynamics are changing with multiple new market entrants in the form of oil and gas majors, asset developers, commercial aggregators and independent suppliers. The demand for information transparency from asset owners is at a high.

The critical question you should ask yourself is, ‘How long can I watch the most volatile part of the market (i.e. intraday) without getting involved?’

How PowerDesk Helps

The cost of market entry with PowerDesk is lower than building all the components separately. You can set up a trading desk in weeks not years.

You no longer need a larger on-premise enterprise-wide ETRM system for this type of activity with the associated CAPEX costs.

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The challenge

You are investing in your renewables business, but your existing IT infrastructure is not currently set up to meet the demands of intraday power trading.

In a world of “low carbon electricity and energy” or “convenience and mobility” – balancing electricity is very different to the traditions of oil and gas. The systems that have served these companies well in the past (the traditional ‘ETRM / CTRM’), are not going to be fit for purpose for prompt trading in the new ‘de-carbonised’ world. 

Such systems were primarily designed to capture value and manage risks in long-term markets.

How PowerDesk helps

PowerDesk will centralise all those feeds of information, forecasts and their uncertainty, price movements and recommend the optimal way to schedule your battery.

PowerDesk is designed for the modern electricity markets where the world has moved to real-time.

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PowerDesk EDM

Tailored for Nordic power markets
Holistic trader's dashboard with Nord Pool connectivity and TSO scheduling across the Nordics, ready for the transition to the 15-minute market.
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Key PowerDesk Features

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Rules based trading

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Market & Exchange connectivity in one place

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The ability to flex assets if you have them

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Advanced augmented trading screens

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Market insight alongside your position

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Advanced position management screens

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Algorithmic automation of trading strategies

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The Future of GB Power Trading

Looking towards 2030

The UK’s electricity market is undergoing the biggest market reform in a generation.

In this paper, we discuss future energy trading scenarios in GB and how they may impact the way in which the National Grid (and local markets) operate.

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