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Enterprise-wide European ETRM Software

Built for asset heavy market participants with complex risk modelling needs

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Brady etrm

What is Brady ETRM?

Brady ETRM is an enterprise-wide European energy trading and risk management platform. Its heritage spans 30 years, with a long-standing customer base comprising regional power trading leaders.

Offering a vast array of front, mid and back-office functionality, Brady ETRM is highly suited to the needs of multi-national energy organisations trading complex portfolios combining physical assets and financial contracts. The solution helps to address areas such as risk modelling and valuation of structured deals, physical assets and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which out-of-the-box ETRM solutions typically do not adequately cover.

Key Functionality

Deal capture and contract management of energy related commodities

Intuitive monitors to display business critical results

Automatic generation of price books and forward curves

Easy to import and manage derivatives and settlement prices

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Risk & currency exposure reporting
Risk sensitivity analysis
Value-at-Risk analysis
Cash flow-at-risk analysis
Stress test reporting

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Connectivity to popular price sources and platforms across power, gas and emissions markets:

Live-price fees from Montel’s energy pricing data service

Automatic deal capture from major energy trading exchanges.

Reconciliation support for exchange trades

Real-time EMIR & REMIT regulatory reporting

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Integrates with popular business intelligence (BI) tools

Enables export of real-time entity and transactions

Time-series export of P&L & risk metrics at various resolution

Business critical reporting in SQL views

Retention policy and self-cleansing mechanism to regulate database growth

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