Margining & liquidity forecasting made easy

The fast-to-deploy cloud credit risk management and liquidity forecasting platform.

Transform the way you assess counterparties and manage margining obligations to protect profits.

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What is CRisk?

Trading energy commodities in volatile markets requires real-time assessment of counterparty exposure and the impact of critical events. However, credit risk processes are known to be highly time consuming. Several hours can be spent daily collating data from disparate sources, to gain a holistic view of exposures and liquidity across a business and traded products.

Brady CRisk is a modern cloud solution to help transform the way energy and commodity trading companies manage credit risk. Designed to be intuitive for users across the business, with intelligent workflow automation, CRisk helps to mitigate risks and protect profits.


What can CRisk do for you?

Be confident that a trade will be approved by other departments before making the deal (pre-deal checking)

Understand limit utilisation by counterparty

See the full audit trail behind pre-deal checks

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Be alerted to critical events as soon as they happen such as limit violations or exposure breaches

Understand your risk profiles and detect unusual or concerning trends

View historical exposure and potential future exposure (PFE) through projection of cash flows and price movements

Enter a trade, collateral or agreement and see the effect immediately on risk exposure

Make more informed decisions with advanced scenarios analysis:

Apply deterministic modelling to determine the impact of volume and market changes to your portfolio

Apply stochastic modelling by automatically generating a multitude of adverse scenarios

Streamline credit applications and post collateral optimally

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Achieve greater efficiency across key margining processes via automation of workflows:

Processing and verifying lists of calls each morning

Tracking calls, approvals, contributions to current credit support annexes, security balances and calls in dispute

Issuing letters of credit and other securities

Collaborate closely with regional margining desks across different time zones

View cash interest accumulation with ease

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Score counterparties using standard or bespoke scoring models

Upload financial data from external sources with ease

Save time when collating information for annual or interim assessments

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Report cash flow forecasts to management in a clear view  

Slice and dice cash flows as needed for your analysis

See a detailed breakdown of CSA cash flows

Project future cash flows based on historical observations

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CRisk offers intuitive, real-time and fast analysis.

Modern, cloud-based architecture

Implement within weeks

Generate reports in minutes

PowerBI for data analysis (and more)

Real-time critical event alerts

Full audit trail for compliance

Interfaces with ETRM, CTRM, ERP (and more)

Real-time exposure calculations

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