Brady CRisk

Cloud credit risk and liquidity management
platform for energy and commodities.

Intelligent credit and liquidity risk management

With a wealth of experience in risk processes at utilities and commodity trading firms worldwide, Brady CRisk has been developed with the belief that rigorous credit risk management can be achieved with simplicity and cost-efficiency.

“Outstanding industry knowledge and a simple but yet comprehensive IT system,
at an attractive price, made CRisk the obvious choice.”

Vice President, Group Treasury & Investor Relations, Ørsted

Trading / Sales

Pre-deal checking with fast potential future exposure analysis is vital to profitability.

Be confident that a trade will be approved by other departments before making the deal.

Risk / Credit Risk

   Market volatility and counterparty default probability remains high.

   Be alerted to critical events as soon as they happen.

   Understand your risk profiles and detect unusual or concerning trends.

Margining / Treasury

  Protect profits with tighter cash flow control and liquidity management.

  Streamline credit applications and perform collateral optimisation.


Legal / Compliance

Focus on negotiations and stringently assess counterparties.

Reduce time and costs for contract management and onboarding tasks with automated processes.

Product Highlights

Highly intuitive UX; user defined reports take just minutes to generate

Pre-deal checking to support more informed decisions by traders

Ease of data analysis with PowerBI and other business intelligence tools

Real-time exposure calculations; enter a trade, collateral or agreement and see the effect immediately

Illustration of historical and PFE through projection of cash flows and price movements

Automatic notification by email when a critical event occurs such as limit violations or exposure threshold breaches

Ability to incorporate in-house models via excel templates

Interfaces with ETRM, ERP and other finance/back office systems

Full audit trail of user activity for compliance

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