Our history

Brady is founded. Early beginnings of Trinity in metals trading

Brady is founded by Dr Robert Brady, a leading expert in the field of derivative pricing. Brady’s close relationship with the prestigious London Metal Exchange (LME) is forged at a time when the options market for metals is emerging. Robert develops the earliest pricing models for members of the LME, who are championing the need for more robust and standardised processes in option valuation. This instigates the development of Brady’s software solutions, including its flagship metal trading CTRM solution, ‘Trinity’.

Brady is listed on the Alternative Investment Market ‘AIM’

Further to the burgeoning success of the Trinity CTRM platform, Brady decides to list on the AIM to provide extra strength and visibility of governance to customers. The public listing provides access to capital from supportive investors to further grow Brady through acquisition to complement organic activities.

This same year, Brady acquires Colplan Systems, introducing the options pricing and risk management solution ‘Opval’ to its portfolio.

Concentrates management enters the CTRM portfolio

Brady acquires Comsoft, introducing the concentrates management platform ‘Aquarius’ into its portfolio. Concentrates trading remains a highly specialised area of metals trading and Brady to this day remains one of the leading software vendors covering this space.

Physical trading enters the CTRM portfolio

Brady acquires Viveo, introducing ‘Fintrade’ into its portfolio. To this day, Fintrade remains Brady’s flagship physical commodities trading platform, specialising in inventory and logistics management for deliveries via land, sea and air.

Brady enters the European energy market

Later in the year, Brady enters the European energy market with the acquisition of Viz Risk Management and its curve trading and risk management (ETRM) offering ‘Elviz’. With a strong customer base across the Nordics, where the power market was evolving to become the most liquid in the Europe, Brady set its sights for expansion in this area.

Expansion in European physical power

In early 2012 Brady acquires Navita, with its flagship physical power trading operations platform ‘EDM’, offering specialist functions for time-series energy data management and back office processes. EDM was initially developed at Norway’s Institute of Energy Technology, an internationally acclaimed research centre. EDM’s domain experts helped shape the market design of the first power trading exchange in Europe, which evolved over the years to become Nord Pool.

A broader energy portfolio comprising financial and physical trading platforms, helps to consolidate Brady’s position as a leading energy trading software vendor in Europe.

Later in 2012, Brady acquires Syseca to introduce ‘EDIS’, a power scheduling solution and ‘EBIS’, a power balancing solution. These solutions help physical power trading participants adhere to Transmission System Operator communications protocol across 30+ European markets.

Brady enters the US metals recycling market

Also during this year, Brady acquires a US recycling software market leader SAI Systems Alternatives International LLC (SAI), to further diversify its CTRM portfolio.

Launch of Market Data Hub and Curve Provider Service for Brady CTRM products

This launch of this service marks a major milestone in cross product development collaboration. To this day, customers of Fintrade, Trinity and Aquarius CTRM platforms benefit from this single service supporting their market data and curve building needs.

Stepping into credit risk management

In early 2015 Brady acquires Energy Credit, introducing a credit risk management focused software solution that compliments its CTRM and ETRM offerings. Energy Credit’s customers include multi-national oil and gas majors and power utilities.

Brady expands in the scrap metal sector

Later this year Brady acquires US headquartered Enaptive Inc, with ScrapRunner, a dispatching system designed for the international scrap metal and recycling industry.

Launch of concentrates in Fintrade CTRM

Another development milestone for the CTRM portfolio is reached. Brady takes its existing concentrates trading domain expertise from an earlier product and launches concentrates functionality in Fintrade, integrated with logistics and finance capabilities.

Time to refocus

Building on the success of its recycling business, Brady completes the sale of SAI and ScrapRunner to specialist recycling operators, capitalising on the proceeds to focus investment in the trading and risk management software segment.

The Brady Compass

2019 sees the development and roll out of The Brady Compass, created out of a set of leadership commitments: Inspire, Be Close, Believe and Deliver. These points represent a commitment to the actions and behaviours we believe are most important to exhibit for the success of our people and our business. The Compass and its commitments establish the foundation of our Brady culture and continue to embed into each of our day-to-day dealings, decisions and interactions.

Becoming carbon neutral

Brady achieves certification as a Carbon Neutral Company. Brady selects two Gold Standard carbon offset renewable energy projects which are aligned with our investor’s sustainability goals of driving efficiency and clean energy. The projects use wind and solar energy respectively to create electricity for the local population, replacing fossil fuels and helping to create sustainable development whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Brady is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and helping to reduce the spread of climate change and resource depletion.

Brady becomes privately owned and officially known as Brady Technologies

Hanover Investors (‘Hanover’), a UK headquartered specialist investor firm acquires Brady. Hanover operates companies with activities across the globe. A deep understanding of a company’s operational and strategic context is at the centre of the firm’s investment process, refined over decades of hands-on management of small to mid-size organisations.

Hanover focuses on an investment’s main levers of value creation, providing its portfolio with access to proven “playbooks” and a Hanover bench of specialists. This approach has delivered a market leading record of returns for over 20 years.

The firm puts a very strong emphasis on building and developing its team, attracting diverse talent, as well as providing personal and career growth.

New product innovation in short-term power trading

The growth of short-term power trading in response to increasing decarbonisation and decentralisation of European energy markets, leads Brady to develop its first SaaS solution. PowerDesk helps traders secure profits faster with intelligent visualisation of live P&L, net open positions, direct trading on EPEX and Nord Pool and TSO connectivity from a single dashboard. PowerDesk is shortlisted for the Energy Awards 2021 as a finalist for Digital Innovation of the Year: Data, Insight and Dashboards.

Voted no. 1 in metals for the 11th consecutive year

Brady is voted number one in metals trading software solutions for the 11th consecutive year, based on the results of Commodity Technology Advisory’s biannual Vendor Perceptions survey. This survey asks the market to vote on key aspects including breadth of coverage, best functionality and ease of implementation.

Brady accelerates growth with cloud native products

In August, Brady appoints a new executive team with renowned industry veterans and domain experts to accelerate the transformation and the growth of the company.

In September, Brady acquires CRisk, an enterprise risk management platform designed for European energy and commodities markets.

2 months later, Brady acquires Igloo Trading Solutions (“Igloo”), a next generation, ETRM platform for European energy markets.

Both of these acquisitions introduce cloud native, modern UX solutions to Brady’s portfolio, to support greater agility, efficiency and performance demanded by market participants today.

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