Brady COVID-19 Advisory Notice

Brady Technologies is open for business, however we follow a policy of safe healthcare practice for the benefit of our clients and our staff, particularly in line with the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is significantly impacting everyone in our global community, and the situation continues to change rapidly. Brady supports customers globally to operate mission critical systems and believe it is essential to be transparent regarding our response to this unprecedented event.

Our priorities remain focused on keeping our employees and communities safe and healthy and in continuing to provide uninterrupted service delivery to our customers. Brady’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) was implemented across the organisation prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and has been further enhanced to reflect this evolving global situation. Information provided below is based upon our BCP as of March 17, 2020. We will update this web page should any fundamental changes be made to our plan.

Remote working

Remote working across the Brady network is already common practice with all necessary technical infrastructure implemented and tested. Our systems and teams are fully equipped and operational to perform all duties and deliver service as usual on a fully remote basis.

Over the last week, Brady has successfully moved to remote working for 100% of our employees across every location with no issues reported. We are pleased to see delivery of our BCP meeting our expectations.

We have also implemented and are actively using a new SMS gateway system enabling us to reach and communicate with every Brady employee promptly in case of a business continuity event. In addition to SMS, we continue to communicate and facilitate remote internal and external meetings via our digital business tools. We are introducing new initiatives to encourage social team communication via as an example virtual coffee breaks. We recognise the value in maintaining strong communication across our teams and ecosystem and promoting opportunities to share best practises and information.

Customer focused events

We will continue to deliver webinars as planned in line with the events timetables published in our latest customer newsletter. (Please request the customer newsletter from your account manager if you have not received this.) To accommodate any restrictions with customer WiFi or networks, recordings of all webinars will be available via the Brady Customer Portal which can be accessed here These recordings can be viewed outside of working hours, when broadband demand may be lower.


All Brady employees are currently fully operational from home and not traveling as per current Government guidelines. Customer meetings are continuing via digital channels.


Internally, we have committed to regular video meetings to remain connected as an organisation. We will be sending weekly communications to all customers to remain transparent with our ongoing approach to COVID-19 and maintaining continuous service.

The Brady team is committed to meeting all customer requirements. We extend our heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery to anyone affected by the virus and wish every success for businesses across the globe facing challenges during these unprecedented times. Finally, we want to acknowledge our admiration and respect for the health workers that are tirelessly working to care for those in need.