Easily manage all your financial oil trades in one place.

Automate your trade capture process on global oil exchanges with Igloo ETRM SaaS.

Trade global grades of crude oil and oil derivatives.

View risk metrics and analyse Greeks in real-time.

Drag and drop screens to view oil contract details.

Automatically process crude and derivative trades across all major oil exchanges.

Seamless connectivity to CME, ICE and Trayport.

Take advantage of pre-configured templates for the most commonly traded oil and oil derivative instruments, straight out-of-the-box.

Book OTC trades efficiently using intuitive trade entry templates.

Save time and book OTC trades with greater accuracy using industry-standard templates. You can also adapt the templates to your specific needs.

Simplify trade data export via API or Excel.

Leverage comprehensive APIs to integrate with other systems, or perform ad-hoc analysis through a simple Excel export of your trade data.

Visualise your risk profile and option Greeks in real-time

Historical VaR metrics.

Gain a comprehensive view of your risk profile with historical VaR metrics for the past 30, 60, 90, and 250 days.

Understand your VaR in detail.

Analyse VaR by risk buckets and periods, explore what's driving your VaR calculations.

Live option Greeks display.

View your Greeks in real-time with a modern trader dashboard.

Customise your position view

Decompose trades into individual legs for ease of analysis.

Automatically disassemble your trades into their individual legs, for an in-depth view of your position at any time.

View position in different units of measure.

Switch between units of measure with a click when viewing your positions, whether metric tonnes or barrels.

Configurable drag-and-drop screens.

Customise the trader dashboard with user-friendly drag-and-drop; display your data in the way your traders prefer.

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