End-to-end European financial and physical power trading in one solution.

Real-time power position and P&L monitoring with automated scheduling.

Real-time position reporting.

Powerful reconciliation tools.

Automated power scheduling.

Real-time position reporting across trading, generation, supply and balancing.

Define your own pivot screens to slice and dice your position.

View trading positions across asset and demand profiles, hedges, and the balancing mechanism. Easily view positions at different levels of granularity, or in differing units and efficiency factors using drag and drop pivot screens.

Automatically load asset, supply and balancing mechanism data.

If you trade UK power, book trades directly into the UK balancing mechanism. In addition, upload asset and demand load profiles from external applications via APIs. Aggregate large supply portfolios into the trading book with a custom data loader.

Easily load, allocate or reallocate trades across portfolios.

Easily tag trades with strategies or configure rules for strategy allocation to see position and P&L reflected just the way you want it.

Powerful cross-exchange reconciliation tools.

Reconcile trades across EPEX, Nord Pool and the balancing mechanism.

Capture activity across generation, supply, exchange trading, and the balancing mechanism (in selected markets). View mismatches across the data sources via a sophisticated reconciliation engine to implement corrective measures quicker.

Analyse historical data to identify trends with ease.

Drill down to analyse position, P&L, and risk activity at any level of granularity.

Understand UK power costs at the balancing mechanism unit level.

Easily capture a variety of UK cost settlement flows for reconciliation at the balancing mechanism unit level including, but not limited to: RCRC, BSUoS, GDUoS, and AAHEDC, allowing greater cost transparency.

Automated power scheduling across the majority of TSOs across Europe.

An integrated toolkit for automated European power scheduling.

Pass nomination schedules to the European TSOs automatically or with one click from Igloo ETRM.

View power nomination statuses in one place.

Efficiently dispatch power across 30+ TSOs and interconnectors.

Automated TSO acknowledgment and acceptance.

Don’t miss deadlines. Avoid imbalance penalties. Be compliant.

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