Simplify your GB
gas nominations process

Save time and eliminate errors in your GB gas nominations

An intuitive and efficient way to manage GB gas nominations

Partly or fully automated nomination processing

Monitor nomination status and shipper balances in one place

A simple interface designed for ease of use

All your positions on one screen

See your buys and sells by counterparty, with your gross position by counterparty displayed in an intuitive matrix.

View your nominations in any unit of measure

View your nominations in therms or KWh.

View your nomination statuses and shipper preliminary balance in one place

See your shipper preliminary balance by category alongside your detailed nominations, all in one place.

Nominations generated automatically

Intelligent day-ahead and within-day nominations

Whether you’re nominating day-ahead or re-nominating within-day, Igloo will intelligently generate and communicate the correct nomination.

The right level of automation for you, fully integrated with Gemini

Your nominations can be sent automatically, or you can choose to perform the last step manually with the simple click of a button.
Igloo has been designed to not only calculate and format your nominations, it also sends everything off to the Gemini system for you.

Asset offtake nominations

Igloo provides an easy to use API to include asset offtakes automatically as part of your nomination processing.

Igloo will update the latest status of each nomination​

Igloo continually updates the status of each nomination

Monitor the status of each nomination with Gemini easily within the user interface.

See any mismatches and suggested actions at a glance

Igloo generates a summary of any nominations that require further investigation, and gives details about the possible source of any mismatches.

Drill into the cause of any mismatches

Whether one of your traders has traded after the nomination has been made, or you’re nominating against a counterparty who hasn’t made a nomination against you, you can click on a nomination to see the trades that make it up, and have confidence to identify the cause of any reported mismatches.

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