Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day four

Brady energy summit

Day 4 of our Energy Summit offered a truly diverse agenda line-up. Today we covered tips and tricks, market changes and the latest integration options between Brady products.

 Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM)

Our Tips and Tricks sessions are designed to help customers unlock more value from their existing sytems. Grecia, Munoz Botello, Implementation Services Consultant took us through today’s ETRM tips and tricks focussed session. Grecia showcased how Brady’s ETRM system handles cascading and green certificates. Over the past 12 months these have proved to be highly popular topics, generating the most customer queries.

The cascading process has always been one of the most complicated for the back office. It incorporates specific settings and rules for each exchange (e.g. holiday calendars). Our latest release provides a user-friendly approach to managing cascading. Our solution supports a more efficient reconciliation process.

Green certificates are becoming increasingly popular as a potentially more profitable income source for energy traders. Grecia demonstrated how our ETRM system offers flexibility for customers trading this commodity type. As well as registering green certificates, customers can measure their mark-to-market value and exposure. In our upcoming release customers will be able to measure VaR.

‘One System Vision’ and ‘Market Design 2030’

Aleksandar (Sasha) Cvetkovic, Product Delivery Manager at Brady, presented an overview of The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) projects, ‘One System Vision’ and ‘Market Design 2030’. These major projects examine the challenges and opportunities of the next decade for the electricity system from an operational and market perspective. The projects are largely driven by the climate change agenda and complement the ENTSO-E’s ‘Clean Energy Package’ with the principal tenants being:

  • Operations will rely upon a ‘System of Systems’ approach that should work as one
  • There will be different, but interoperable market design features
  • The architecture will be multi-level incorporating different geographical scales and functional layers
  • Multiple stakeholders will need to collaborate for a pan-European System of Systems to become a reality including TSOs, DSOs and RCCs

Aleksandar talked about the specifics required to achieve a pan-European One System of Systems’ framework. Transparency and dialogue on operational rules for the different processes are essential. Adequate coordination and efficiency is key to helping unlock the potential of the distributed flexibilities. Aleksander highlighted the need for energy organisations to begin to prepare the future. Specialist software will be required on the way to power grid digitalisation, including automation, decision support and forecasting. 

Nordic Datahubs, ‘Pre Study’ Projects

Per-Herman Puck, Product Delivery Manager and Oscar Egnell, Product Manager, presented the latest developments and timelines on the following long-term Datahub projects in the region:

  • Datahub Energinet (Denmark)
  • Datahub Fingrid Oy (Finland)
  • Elmarknadshub Svenska Kraftnät (Sweden)
  • Elhub Statnett (Norway)

Brady’s expertise in this area is unrivalled in the energy trading software space. We work closely with our customers to conduct detailed ‘pre-study’ projects. We aim to understand the implications of proposed datahub plans to customers’ business processes. This helps us to define development priorities for our Energy Data Management (EDM) solution.

Brady connecting the dots

2020 has been a milestone year for customers on multiple Brady energy products. We have developed a wider range of interfacing tools to enable even more interoperability between our long-term financial and short-term physical trading software suite.

Fraser MacDonald, our Energy Pre-sales consultant gave a live demonstration. He showcased the ease in which business critical data can be shared between Brady solutions. He showed how data can be extracted, processed for calculations and reported in real-time. Such data included prices, positions, bids, schedules, forecasting and volumes.  

If you missed a session today, contact your account manager to get further information on today’s presentations.

European Power Logistics White Paper

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Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day four

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