Team evening at Puttshack

September ’21: ‘Brady Open’: Round 2!

With Brady employees now starting to return to the office on a hybrid basis, our London office decided to get together for round two of the ‘Brady Open’ at Puttshack, located in Bank.

It’s hard to believe it was in November 2019 since our last golf outing together. With nearly two years of working from home, it’s fair to say that we were all somewhat out of practice, although it didn’t take long for the friendly competitive spirit to return!

A lot has happened at Brady over the past two years following Hanover’s acquisition at the end of 2019. We have some new teams and therefore many new faces including our new CEO, Bernard Delahaye (who took golfing just as seriously as the day job, coming dressed in full golfing attire!).

Although our teams have remained close throughout the pandemic, nothing beats some face-to-face contact. The social event was a wonderful way for the office to reconnect and for some, meeting new team members in the flesh for the first time!

It was a fun evening, which started off with some nibbles and drinks as a warmup. We split into teams of five playing a round on the “Ruby” 9-hole course. The golf balls are registered to each player and the course is digital so points are calculated automatically. There are traps on each hole (which we all fell into at some point) so players can lose points as well as gain them. We finished off the evening with some more food and drinks, so it was a fantastic evening all round!

So, who won? Despite the digital scores doing the work for us, it seems everyone had such a great evening with each other that no one checked the final score! Sounds like a round three is in order!

We did however manage to get a few snaps during the night including the moment Bernard celebrated his hole in one! Enjoy!

UPDATE: Many thanks to Puttshack who kindly emailed across our scores. A big congrats to Matthew Bush, our Senior Sales Director, who top scored with 396 points, which included three “Super Tubes”, avoided all hazards and scored three hole-in-ones! Congrats, Matt!

September ’21: ‘Brady Open’: Round 2!

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