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Matthew Bush

Matthew Bush – Senior Sales Director

Matthew has worked in sustainability roles for nearly 20 years across the public and private sector. His recent roles have been with technology providers helping customers optimise margins in their relevant markets.

Matthew has a wealth of experience from delivering large scale retrofit renewables projects across North London to building business cases for entering new markets. With a strong network of industry contacts, Matthew is committed to collaborative working to deliver shared goals with our customers.

At Brady, we recognise it is an immensely exciting time for the sector, given the transition in the energy sector and the growing impact of renewables and flexibility. Whether you are an established trader or are just starting to think about building your capacity to trade, Matthew works with potential new customers to help them solve problems and realise the opportunities available in the market.

Book a meeting with Matthew to identify the unique benefits your organisation could gain from the Brady energy and credit risk software suite.

David Stone – Senior Commodities Analyst

David Stone is a Senior Commodity Analyst in Brady’s Commodity Management Team.

He has over 30 years of experience in CTRM projects with different roles ranging from development, analysis and design, product manager to team management. Initially from a technical background, David has acquired a strong knowledge of the trading business.

David has worked with multiple commodity types including Coffee, Cocoa, Base Metals and Concentrates. This has given him a broad knowledge of commodity markets. David’s expertise lies in functionalities such as risk, logistics and accounting. At Brady, David has been integral in all stages of project implementations, from requirements gathering through to user training.

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Claire Rosser – Head of Commodities Sales

Claire has over 15 years of operational experience in commodity markets working closely with trading, legal, compliance, technology and risk based teams. Her deep industry knowledge spans Banks, Brokers, Commodity Houses, and Clearing Houses across multiple commodities. Claire has extensive exposure to both financial and physical metals and has previously worked on the LME floor and as a precious metals vault manager.

Claire’s expertise comes from understanding customer internal processes and interpreting system requirements to drive trading efficiency and profit optimisation. Since moving to the technology sector in 2014, Claire has been integral in delivering customer focussed solutions. Claire is passionate about driving the success of her customers.

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Mark Ferguson – Senior Sales Director

Mark Ferguson is the Brady Technologies Global Sales Director for organisations that trade in Ags and Softs – specialising in CTRM (Commodity Trading and Risk Management) solutions.

For the last 25 years, Mark has led teams for SAP, PSI Metals AG, and Aion Digital banking, and has broad experience across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East; where his business software solutions measurably improved many global brands and fortune 2,000 organisations.

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