Brady ETRM, Empowering Energy Businesses Beyond Borders

Brady ETRM solutions for European electricity market, managing cross border trading and increased renewable energy, keeping businesses ahead of the curve.

Aleksandar Sasha Cvetkovic, Head of Energy Portfolio, spoke with Energy CIO regarding the impact of increased adoption of renewable energy in the European electricity market. He also discussed how Brady’s ETRM solution is designed to manage these market changes and support businesses to stay ahead of the curve. You can view the full article here:

Challenges in the market

Cvetkovic discussed, the fluctuation of electrical energy generated from different geographies, creating vast amounts of balance variations with a significant surge in energy prices. This results in distress among energy traders across the continent and a drive for utilities to run major cost-cutting programs. The regulators have become more demanding for advanced reporting and greater transparency in trading activities. 

We are seeing real-time intraday cross-border trading increasing across Europe, providing traders with the right balance for the variations in supply and demand. Brady’s market-ready ETRM platform is the ultimate solution for overcoming complications caused by Europe’s diverse regulatory landscape with regulations varying for many of the 40+ countries.

The most advanced software for today’s energy market

Brady’s extensive ETRM platform provides support for business decision-making and cost management for companies engaging in real-time cross-border trading of energy-related financial and physical contracts. The platform enables energy traders across Europe to be active in newer trading markets with preconfigured solutions for the most widely traded markets and contracts.

 “Brady offers the most advanced software for the energy market, capable of supporting the core business processes involved in physical power delivery,” says Cvetkovic.  

Brady ETRM offers one of the most comprehensive solution portfolios for power-centric market participants, to deal with contract management, real-time position reporting, risk management, back-office operations, plant scenario analytics, retail electricity sales management, energy data management, balancing and scheduling, and communications with transmission system operators (TSOs).

Cvetkovic states, “We bring packaged and locally tailored software solutions and offer them to our customers in an agile and collaborative fashion. We are accountable to our customers, employees and shareholders and are well-positioned to deliver excellence in line with the current and evolving needs of the customers.” 

Automated scheduling workflow

Brady’s ETRM solution uniquely facilitates cross-border intraday trading in a highly efficient manner. Through an automatic scheduling workflow process, Brady ETRM may save three to four hours per day of administrative work for a typical energy logistics department. This enables timely closing of physical power and gas positions, financial gains for trading teams and the ability to react quickly to information received from TSOs to minimize the impact of imbalances within the trading operation. 

Some of the key benefits offered by Brady’s platform are a reduction in operational risk throughout the trading cycle, perfecting the management process and the ability to analyze structured contracts with embedded optionality for optimal decision-making. The company also offers a SaaS powered risk analytics such as value at risk, cash flow at risk across the trading portfolio and meeting the regulatory and audit reporting requirements.  


Brady is the largest European-headquartered and independent provider of trading, risk management and logistics software solutions to the global commodity and energy markets.

Having 30 years of expertise in commodity markets with more than 10,000 users at over 200 companies worldwide, who depend on Brady software solutions to deliver mission critical business transactions across their global operations.

Offering solutions for end-to-end trading lifecycle management of electricity, gas, emissions, renewables, LNG and LPG, together with physical power and gas balancing, scheduling, data management, settlement management, market and credit risk management.

Brady are committed to keeping their customers ahead of the curve by staying abreast of latest market developments driving innovation in its software, coupled with the deep knowledge and expertise of its people.


Brady ETRM, Empowering Energy Businesses Beyond Borders

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