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Brady announces the delivery of an API to support day ahead trading across Central and Western European (CWE) countries via Nord Pool. The API available through its physical energy trading solution supports day ahead trading in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, and Great Britain. With this latest development in connectivity, Brady customers can enjoy even more choice in markets across Europe to trade power in, whether via Nord Pool or EPEX. 

Brady’s physical energy trading system has a strong customer footprint across the Nordic region. Initially designed to address spot bidding in Nordic power markets, with specialised functions for handling times series data, and country-specific nuances in settlement and invoicing, the solution now offers pan European coverage. 

Nord Pool, already active in the UK for many years, launched its day-ahead power trading for CWE in June 2019, providing its Nordic and Baltic region customers with the ability to get the same price for each bidding zone for all 24 hours of the day-ahead auction, independently of which NEMO they use. Brady’s new API supports automatic submission of orders and receipt of results from Brady’s platform to Nord Pool’s CWE markets exchange, supporting more efficient trading operations. With the latest Brady API, Customers can now trade in day-ahead markets of Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, and Great Britain. In addition, Brady offers connectivity to EPEX spot bidding markets and a choice of an extensive number of TSO connectors, supporting power scheduling for the majority of European countries.   

Emma Mckiernan,  Director – Nordic, Baltic, UK & Ireland at Nord Pool says, “Brady has a long history of working with Nord Pool and we are delighted to have them as a trusted ISV partner as we deliver simple, efficient and secure power trading across Europe. Brady’s physical trading platform supports the majority of our important market APIs, demonstrating their flexibility in delivering market integrations. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Brady.” 

‘We are proud of our company’s heritage in Nordic energy markets. Our Nordic customers can now easily extend use of their Brady platform to trade and schedule power across CWE countries. We are committed to developing products that keep abreast of the latest changes in Nord Pool markets and maintaining our leadership in power TSO communications coverage across Continental Europe, says Carmen Carey, CEO, Brady

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Brady increases choice for customers

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