Nimble Brady enables Bixia AB to extend trading capability on Swedish TSO during lockdown

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Brady is delighted to announce the successful completion of a recent development project enabling Bixia AB to extend its trading capabilities with Swedish TSO SvK. The request to enhance Brady’s Physical Power Trading platform to manage mFRR capacity bids from Bixia to SvK was initiated in March at the start of global COVID 19 pandemic, whilst both Brady and Bixia were under lockdown. Despite managing the entire project under new virtual conditions, the team was able to deliver this on time and within budget. Brady’s mFRR bids module and communicator were successfully tested against the SvK, upgraded, and configured for the customer within their hard deadline of June 1st.  

Morgan Andersson, Physical Power Trader for Bixia AB commented, ‘We have been up and running since the start of June with mFRR bids functionality and the communicator module and this has been working well, exactly as we had specified to Brady. We gave the team at Brady a very tight time frame to complete this project and appreciate their rapid turn around and the ease of communication during these unusual lockdown circumstances.’  

Carmen Carey, CEO at Brady comments ‘The transition to remote working for Brady has been seamless due to the exceptional work our IT teams completed well in advance of the reality of COVID 19. Being a global organisation with well connected regional offices, virtual meetings, and cloud-based technology platforms were already well established and proven. We are proud to be continually meeting our customer commitments during these challenging times and remain committed to focussing on delighting our valued customers.’ 

Brady’s physical trading platform has connectivity with over 30 TSOs across Europe, enabling customers to scale trading activity easily into new markets. Its short term power trading solutions address the following key areas: 

  • Power generation planning and order preparation 
  • Day-ahead trading on EPEX and Nord Pool power exchanges 
  • Intraday power trading on EPEX’s Intraday Continuous Market  
  • Delivery of power through the majority of transmission systems operators (TSOs) across Europe; automated bidding and results processing in ancillary and balancing markets  
  • High volume trade data processing in near real-time for customised aggregation and analysis 
  • Scheduling (nominations) to meet power TSO communications protocol and deadlines  
  • Bidding in Balancing Markets directly with TSOs 
  • Meter data management for more accurate customer billing 
  • Settlement and invoicing processes of complex contracts (such as Power Purchase Agreements and Tolling Contracts) 

Brady’s mission is to empower customers to trade confidently, profitably and sustainably today and in the future. Customers include start-ups to leading multinational utilities trading in power, gas, and renewables. Modular functionality provides scalability for businesses. Brady is committed to continually keeping abreast of market changes, essential in today’s rapidly changing market conditions and regulations. 

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Nimble Brady enables Bixia AB to extend trading capability on Swedish TSO during lockdown

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