Brady listed in EY’s Commodity Trading and Risk Management Systems Overview 2016 Edition

Commodity trading organizations are facing turbulent and challenging times. The global financial crisis
and volatile commodities markets have led operators to focus on managing their risk exposure more
closely than ever. Part of this focus revolves around the IT systems and applications they deploy to help
them trade, survey and manage their inherent market, operational, credit and logistical risks.

The life cycle of a physical commodity transaction carries all manner of risk with it, and needs to be
overseen and managed from its initial execution through to its final settlement. Commodity trading and
risk management (CTRM) systems have been at the forefront of front- and middle-office desks. They
assist and enable market participants to follow up and hedge against market price movements, monitor
their credit risks and obtain an overall view of the numerous other factors that affect their trading
portfolio. The choice of CTRM system should be an informed and practical one.

This brochure includes a section containing answers provided by CTRM system vendors to our questions
about their company profile and their products’ functional capabilities, as well as their technical aspects.
Its purpose is to provide an objective overview of vendor capabilities, coverage (both functional and
asset), integration and deployment.

The vendor information contained in this brochure is sourced directly from respondents who agreed to
participate in the questionnaire prepared by EY’s CTRM team. The brochure also includes our
observations on the current CTRM system landscape and trends, our suggested approach to CTRM
system selection and an overview of some of the CTRM-related services that EY can provide.
We hope that this brochure will give you a clear picture of the CTRM system landscape and the relevant
challenges that your organization may be faced with when selecting and implementing a new CTRM


Brady listed in EY’s Commodity Trading and Risk Management Systems Overview 2016 Edition