Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day two

Brady Virtual Energy Summit

Day two of our Energy Summit focussed heavily on future market changes that we are preparing for. We also discussed newly released functionality supporting current market requirements.

We factor in to our roadmaps significant resource to continually move products ahead in harmony with Nordic, Central European and GB changing market requirements.  

Energy Communication Platform (ECP)

Aleksander Cvetkovic, Product Delivery Manager at Brady led an informative session on Energy Communication Platform (ECP). He discussed the motivations and background to the emergence of ECP. The session covered customers’ gateway to Central and Western European power markets. Also the impact on participants engaged in physical power trading across Europe. Aleksander guided customers through Brady’s approach to meeting ECP requirements and MADES standard.

eSett and One Price Settlement

This session was hosted by Oscar, Egnell and Jon Egil Spetaas from Brady EDM’s product team. They discussed the latest requirements posed by Denmark’s Energinet joining eSett and the introduction of One Price Settlement across the Nordics.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities – Protecting Profit Margins

Today Leo Domaingue, Senior Lead Consultant at Brady, guided customers though our enhanced reporting capability. It is now even easier for our customers to protect profit margins. Customers can also benefit from:

  • Greater visibility, keeping both management and customers updated
  • Clarity supporting smarter decision making, optimising trading
  • Ability to ensure trading strategies, hedging profiles and positions are adhered – protecting profits

If you missed a session today, contact your account manager to get further information on today’s presentations.

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Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day two

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