The market votes Brady as #1 for metals…..again

Based on the results of Commodity Technology Advisory’s biannual Vendor Perceptions survey, Brady has been voted number one in metals trading software solutions for the 11th consecutive year. Since 2009, Brady has been consistently voted as the number one metals trading software solution by market participants and influencers globally. Commodity Technology Advisory’s biannual Vendor Perceptions survey asks the market to vote on key aspects including breadth of coverage, best functionality and ease of implementation. We are delighted to retain our metals leadership position in 2020.  

Here are 5 reasons why renowned corporates around the world trust and rely on Brady’s solutions to help maximise profits from their metals trading operations.

1. We know metals – it is our heritage

Our presence in the metals markets spans over 30 years. During this time, we have continued to be at the forefront of metals trading software development. Brady solutions are designed to help achieve trading and operational excellence.

Our team proudly includes people from industry. We have ex-metals traders, operational leaders and risk managers. Iain Grieg, the former Chief Operating Officer at LME, is a Non-Executive Director for Brady. He previously led the technical build and launch of the LME’s clearing house.  

Our software is designed with the end user’s goal in mind, driven by the expertise of Brady employees who from their industry experience, understand the day to day challenges faced by our customers.  

We understand the business user’s need for decision support information that is timely, easy to interpret and report on. Our interfaces to key exchanges enable highly efficient 2-way communication.

“The Brady team affords the most thorough understanding of the metals markets in the CTRM space, which coupled with its unparalleled portfolio of customer references, provides us with the proven assurance of Brady’s capability to meet our requirements and deliver.”

Norilsk Nickel

2. We cater for every type of customer business

Our customer base is diverse. It includes producers and refiners, manufacturers and consumers, scrap merchants and recyclers plus financial institutions. We support small independent entities to multi-national corporates active in the trading, production and consumption of raw materials, concentrates and refined base and precious metals. Whether your business model is focused on one or more areas, Brady solutions address every major step of the financial and physical trading value chain. For instance:

In physical trading:

“Brady’s software allows us to link our physical aluminium positions to our hedge transactions at all times.


In hedging and risk:

“We chose Brady metal hedging and risk management solution because of its robust risk management functionality, including broad range of derivative pricing module and inventory control capabilities, in a platform that directly addresses our business.”

Mitsubishi Corporation

3. Quick time to market. Go-live on time

When implementing a new solution, time is of the essence. Brady offers ‘fast start’ deployment for both physical and financial trading operations. Standard functionality is provided ‘out of the box’ with key contract and market data preconfigured.  Our solutions can be delivered via the cloud for those who prefer to outsource management of their Brady solution, or on-premise for those who prefer to manage their solution in-house. We recently completed a significant implementation milestone to one of the largest chemical producers in the world, ahead of schedule. The system implementation and roll out continues for users across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

“As part of the transaction, we required a ‘greenfield’ trading and risk management system which can be deployed in an exceptionally short timeframe. We have the reassurance that our data and assets are protected by Brady’s multi-layered security, in line with industry standards.


4. We enable intuitive trading P&L attribution

Incorrect trade bookings, trade management errors and erroneous market data can come at a high cost. Intuitive P&L attribution enables front and back-office teams to quickly determine and resolve issues and agree on a single source of truth for P&L reporting. You can easily explain the daily fluctuation in the value of a complex portfolio of trades influenced by multiple risk factors, with the ability to assess the impact of trade events such new, modified and canceled trades, price fixation and option exercise, as well as changing market conditions, such as price, FX and interest rates on the overall P&L.

5. Across refined and concentrates, we help to address the physical complexities

Pricing metals contained in final products is a challenging task. Brady solutions enable you to apply consistent pricing and valuation methodology to easily determine the value of your goods and understand where a margin can be made. By recording results of assays, you can determine the composition of the concentrate and calculate each constituent’s market value, hence more accurately value your goods. You can reduce loss with tighter control of secondary costs. You can more profitably manage your offtake/tolling agreements lifecycle.

Are you ready to start trading more profitably?

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The market votes Brady as #1 for metals…..again