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We’re all in this together!

While the UK and Europe currently brace itself for further lockdowns, the world of remote working has become the norm throughout 2020. It has been important at Brady for our teams to work more closely together than ever, despite the physical distance separating us. A recent example of this tight team collaboration was on show at Brady’s Virtual Energy Summit, held over 5 days in September.

Whilst we have held similar events in the past, this was our first week-long virtual summit. We had an amazing attendance, connecting with 98% of our energy customers. We achieved an impressive 604 individual registrations to our varied programme of interactive webinar sessions. This was a huge collaborative effort to put together.

Brady’s Virtual Energy Summit is an opportunity for us to engage with our customers who use our financial or physical energy trading solutions and our credit risk solution. There were presentations and updates from across the company including by our CEO and CTO and included product roadmap updates, information sessions about energy market changes, software functionality spotlights along some “tips & tricks” sessions.

The summit was a great success and holding it virtually enabled us to engage more of our customers across Europe. As a software business, our core aim is to satisfy our customers and to ensure they are getting the best value out of our products. Holding events such as the Virtual Energy Summit helps us achieve this and presents a fantastic opportunity to interact and learn from our customers.

Putting all of this together has been a massive collaborative effort touching nearly all parts of the Brady business. From senior management, marketing & sales, product management, services through to engineering. We’re very proud of the efforts from all of our team members and how well we work collaboratively – a true team effort!

We’re all in this together!

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