Oil-co of the future

Introduction It is evident that oil and gas majors are embracing the energy transition. Whether that be Shell’s ‘Powering Progress’ or BP’s “Performing while Transforming”, they are all facing some common challenges. In a world of “low carbon electricity and

The new era for intelligent credit risk

As we continue to deal with the global coronavirus pandemic, there is increased pressure on supply chains and the credit teams to monitor counterparty credit risk more effectively. Real-time credit risk analysis is essential for risk teams to be able

Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day five

Our final day of this year’s annual energy summit, sessions focussed on increasing value for customers. We covered our services and tips and tricks for the Energy Data Management (EDM) system. Our final session today looked at trading on Italy’s

Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day four

Day 4 of our Energy Summit offered a truly diverse agenda line-up. Today we covered tips and tricks, market changes and the latest integration options between Brady products.  Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) Our Tips and Tricks sessions are

Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day three

Day three of our Energy Summit covered the nuances of physical delivery of power in various markets and settlement processes across Europe. We also looked at the power of proactive management via our powerful alerting tool.  EDIS Reserve Bidding We

Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day two

Day two of our Energy Summit focussed heavily on future market changes that we are preparing for. We also discussed newly released functionality supporting current market requirements. We factor in to our roadmaps significant resource to continually move products ahead

Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day one

This year’s annual energy summit has gone virtual! Adopting this new format may be a temporary measure but it has given us an opportunity to engage with an even larger subset of Brady customers. We have been delighted at the