Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day two

Day two of our Energy Summit focussed heavily on future market changes that we are preparing for. We also discussed newly released functionality supporting current market requirements. We factor in to our roadmaps significant resource to continually move products ahead

Brady’s Energy Summit, highlights from day one

This year’s annual energy summit has gone virtual! Adopting this new format may be a temporary measure but it has given us an opportunity to engage with an even larger subset of Brady customers. We have been delighted at the

The transformation of European Energy Trading – an expert insight

The evolution of energy trading technology Initially, when the markets first opened-up in the early 1990’s, market participants completed weekly planning and scheduling, using rudimentary forecasting and analysis tools. Brady had weekly definitions built into its systems for setting up

Brady increases choice for customers

Brady announces the delivery of an API to support day ahead trading across Central and Western European (CWE) countries via Nord Pool. The API available through its physical energy trading solution supports day ahead trading in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, and Great Britain. With this latest development in connectivity, Brady customers can enjoy even

Nimble Brady enables Bixia AB to extend trading capability on Swedish TSO during lockdown

Brady is delighted to announce the successful completion of a recent development project enabling Bixia AB to extend its trading capabilities with Swedish TSO SvK. The request to enhance Brady’s Physical Power Trading platform to manage mFRR capacity bids from Bixia to SvK was initiated in March at the start of global COVID 19 pandemic, whilst both Brady and Bixia were under lockdown. Despite managing the entire project under

Coronavirus – Staying competitive in today’s markets

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, commonly referred to as the Coronavirus, has been both dramatic and explosive. The impact on China’s economy is significant as it closes many factories, halting production and exports that the rest of the world

WFSO selects Brady’s solution to trade more competitively across Ireland

London, 2020, Brady, announces existing customer, WFSO, has selected its Energy Settlement Manager (ESM) solution to trade electricity more efficiently across Ireland. WFSO, a leading Irish renewables generator, sought to implement further efficiencies to their trading process and manage with

Brady is going carbon neutral

Under the Paris agreement, the EU has committed to carbon neutrality by the second half of the 21st century. Its current target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030, the objective for this being to limit global warming